Look deep down in your eyes

You don’t have to read a lot of from Freud or watch psychotherapists to see that we are not perfect. It doesn’t really matter how much our parents loved us, how much velvety are the memories uprising from our childhood, we know exactly that all of us were damaged somehow. If not at home, then in kindergarten or in school. If not even there, then surely there was a grandfather, an uncle, someone who left a sign in ourselves and did it mostly in a bad way. That’s it. We’re all human.

Who lives, then gets hurt too. It is correctly claimed that we learn from these things, but it isn’t taught how to handle these perceived and real grievances, indignities. Not everyone knows where to go, whom to say. So often the situation is too hard to live it through this is why we usually can’t share these problems with others. Suppression is such a tiny little thing, no one is needed as a company, we can do it pretty well alone. However, in this perfectly enlightened world the wisdom of not suppressing anything quite often come to us. Do not let these negativities poison you. Then what to do?

Be honest with yourself!

This game starts with a firm conviction that you are not better than the others. It seems like that, I know. We all believe that we know for sure. If you succeed in believing that you are a fallen man, you will help a lot. Then something new is starting. You can get to know yourself, which can be an incredibly painful journey, but nobody can do it instead of you. Have you ever wondered about why it is so hard to check your reflection in the mirror sometimes? You can lie to many people, and there are some who upgrade their everyday masks to almost perfect, but they all have to face with themselves finally. Your make-up should be washed and your fake smile should rest a bit after wearing them all day long. And then you are the only one who stayed. This is why the nights are so frightening. During the hours of darkness our demons come even if we don’t recognize them at first, they know us extremely well. Their massages are important and “must listen”. The dark passengers are taken with ourselves and the only way to get rid of them is to admit their existence. So let’s meet with your special dark side. We have to understand who he is and why he is here with us. We also need to know why we are not allowing him to go, because he basically doesn’t insist on us, but we on him, even if we are trying to suppress his imaginary power with all our strength. He has his power until we let it and the size of this power only depends on what we created for him. Ask him where he came from and what he wants!

Say it!

If you choose this journey some obstacles may arise just to unsure you. If you pay enough attention, you will come to the point that any obstacle will truly protect yourself. Old grievances, agonizing memories, wounds believed to be forgotten are all struggling to not revive them. They do everything, really do everything, that you do not want to relive them, do not want to look for reasons, and most of all do not look for answers, because in this process at first there is much more pain than joy. Liberation and relief are just for those who survive the suffering at the beginning. One of the most difficult things is to be honest to ourselves. If we can practice this in everyday life, we will be better people and more tolerable for ourselves, it’s guaranteed.

If we can draw up in every life situation what we think and why we say, my friend, success is yours, for sure. If you can recognize and handle all what are hidden behind your instincts and passions, life with yourself will be much easier. To do this, you have to say out (loud) everything. Everything. At first, only for yourself. To this phase not anyone would be involved. If you need to, then choose a professional. I mean a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, shaman, yogi- they are absolutely not just for mentally ill and retarded people. No. Whatever we call them, they can help if you can’t help yourself. This is not a weakness. You just have to be honest with yourself and admit if you feel that you will not be able to cope with the certain problem alone. If you trust someone during your journey, it is a holy gift, not a shame. The goal is to talk about those things that are deep down, even hiding over your consciousness. Sometimes you simply have to laugh at yourself. It helps.

After you say them, all the pain seems to be a little, may be just a tiny little but farther away from you. It can happen that after letting them go away, you won’t feel the heaviness and you will realize how funny is your point of view. No one says that introspection ignores humour. You can tell, if you want to, that you were a bit idiot. The point is to stay honest, the most sincere. There is no reason to lie to yourself. Sooner or later the truth would come back to you if you skipped this rule. It’s possible that a constant headache or even a peptic ulcer would shout it loud. You can’t hide the truth. It is in you.


When you recognize the need for self-knowledge, you will start talking about it involuntarily. It’s a wonderful, liberating feeling that you want to share it. You see, I do that too. It’s a pure multi-level marketing. It infects you and you think you will get a commission if you involve others in the party. In fact, it is only about that these things cannot be said enough. When you experience how wonderful it is to get on well with yourself, you feel you have to show it to others. This may be the new lines of the song: if you get on well with you, clap your hand… But really. Talking is good. You need to talk. As an outsider or watcher of your life you can see, hear objectively those things that are just in your mind or in your soul, and it is highly needed. A good conversation brings us together and bring you closer to your real existence. You should talk about your feelings even if you were mightily taught to hold them inside. Do not believe them because those suppressed thoughts, feelings will begin to co-operate with each other, and they find a place of assembly in your body. From your ignorance they will build a revenge army and attack you. Yep, they can create a serious disease for you and if you don’t get on well with you and you don’t know yourself enough, then you won’t understand what is happening to you. However, you are never really outside of your body, not even when you want to believe it. You are in. You are all your cells. So, free them from the oppressive darkness!

Let it go!

Now you know how you are. You know, you have to do the right thing in this life. You have learned that your feelings belong to others. You’ve met the forces inside you and you recognized the ability to change. It’s time. No, no one really does it for you. Throw every shit out of your soul and your mind that you don’t need in your new life. You don’t need to get involved in unnecessary, energy-shattering relationships, even if it’s your family. Nobody has a perfect family. In this single life, surround yourself with people you love to spend time with, and whom you can give with pure heart. They are needed and they need you.

The focus is on mutuality. Obviously this is not a business, but you already know that you can’t give from yourself more than you are, so don’t even try. Release everything from your life that does not take you forward. You already know who you really are, and you have also realized during your journey who are standing next to you, with who you can experience the magic feeling that you are living and you don’t need to be different than you are. Because you are beloved. It moves the world: love. So, let it flow!

photo from pixabay.com

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