Cheap therapy

When you finally have arrived to that point where you really feel that you won’t be able to handle your own body anymore, then you’re standing at that certain station from where your journey could be continued truly just alone. No one can help you, it doesn’t matter what languages you speak. Even though you are trying to find guidance, you are feverishly looking for which platform and when your train will depart, because you will not find it unless you finally look inside yourself. And for this you need power. You thought it was difficult so far? Pretty stupid idea! You’re going to be really alone now, and you’re going to be the most exposed to finally facing yourself. Until this point doctors have been able to accompany you so as your friends, your loved ones, but they can’t continue the healing journey with you. This is for you to go through! Everything you’ve been through, every vibration, fragrance, memory is going to hit your head all at once, it will upset you, tear you apart, and you have to let it do its task. It’s all yourself, and if you want to finally relieve the pain that your body has, you have to dig deep down for them. Are you ready?

Why don’t you want?

You don’t want it because you don’t have a problem. It’s just a new kind of fashionable shit about making your body sick by your soul. Because what about viruses and bacteria are they born by my soul? Can a child be infected with vomiting-diarrhoea only if he or she is mentally ill? Right? Have you heard these well-founded questions? Of course. Me too. And when you stand here, when you’re reading this thread about your healing, you know how small you are in this universal being. If you are willing to accept that in a huge, unimaginably large totality your current life is just a tiny little drop, then you will be much closer to your goals. You can only live this day today, in this reality, in this life. Do your best!

Somebody help!

Nowadays, and I think this is basically not a bad trend, many go to a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or to any other therapist who can help you break down the barriers that prevent your recovery. We also have to admit that these helpers earn pretty well with rummaging. They do nothing but direct you. Everything else is actually you. Your feelings, your efforts, your desires, your will, your failures, your pains. The doc will make a big money from your need, but you can be a lot richer if you get into the hands of someone who understands his or her business. Still, it is common knowledge that professionals are only visited by, you know, by goofies. And you’re not stupid. Then what would you be doing there? Your solution rather be frantic work-rush, braking-free sport, or the simplest and best: drugs. It can be done by everyone and it has such a therapeutic effect! You can do amazing things! And, if something remains from your experiences that you can still remember, you will quietly admit to yourself that you have no idea who is the animal that comes from inside when your blood alcohol level rises to the height of your problems. Suddenly there’s no control and sometimes you feel this is what you really need. Even then, it’s okay to hit somebody because you let go of your instincts. But this state, despite endless attempts, did not bring anyone closer to his peace of mind. Yet how persistent is humanity doing this! We won’t give up. That’s it. The power is with us.

Without self-control

You’re standing here. You’re unsure. Your drug does not help, nor do I, and you don’t have enough money each week for a good professional, so whatever, he wouldn’t know anything about your life. I understand you! The awful truth is that the best things are for free. But it’s really true. Well, if you have a pen and paper at home, it’s free. You don’t need a shaman; you don’t need a doctor. Be brave and grab that pen. You can’t write, can you? You’ve always got bad marks for your essays in school, and anyway, you don’t even know how to form letters, because you’re in your phone all the time … Maybe you can save your situation. Nobody is going to evaluate this now. Put some music in, and you know what? If you need a glass of wine, some beer, now that won’t be a problem. After all, we’re not Tibetan monks to get an out-of-body condition from the shelf. The key is to give yourself time! And write! Write everything, without thinking. Don’t stop for a second. Write down everything that comes to your mind, write, write, write as long as you can. No matter what comes, let it come. Don’t stop, you don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations. If you do it right, you will practically not understand what you are writing about. It can be a real flow experience, even if it’s not so classic. If you practice a lot, you can achieve amazing results. Most importantly, you will be shocked when you read back what you have inside. This is called association writing. Very useful, you have to give it a try. It may not be the first, it may be the sixth experience, but then you will realize how much it is worth.

Get out!

The secret is to be open to objectification. You have to put out what’s inside and then anatomize. Until you have formulated it, you may not be aware of its existence because you cannot identify it yet. When it’s a little outside, you can look at it, because while you’re guarding your problem inside, you may not know its real self. There are memories and grievances hidden in us that we would not think existed at all, and if we succeed in conjuring them up, it is often painful to recognize, painful to relive. It is not true that there is no need to tear the wounds up. I think we should. You have to clean it, otherwise it won’t heal. If you allow your worries (and others) to find their way out, you can finally let them go. From the outside, the solution will be much easier. Many times it is enough to actually embody these negative feelings in words. This will make it easier for you to get to know yourself because you live with them, even if you have been denying it for so long. So set these painfully destructive energies next to you, get to know them. If they are finally alienated from you, you are ready to continue on separate paths. Let them go!

Slow down!

Don’t hold on to your worries anymore, do want the change! This is a rushing world, they say. Do you need this? Do you need to get nervous every day, rush and waste your unique, wonderful life on things that make no sense? Do not hurry! There is nowhere to. Today is the only one that is yours. This moment, nothing else. You have let go of your past and your future hasn’t arrived yet. That’s all you have. If you are here, you have just faced the need to bring your body into harmony with your existence. Take your time! Listen to the sunshine, the moments of life, the counting of the stars, the laughter, the hug, the scent of the rain, the love, the true and unrepeatable presence. These will make you rich. It is not what you have achieved in your life that determines you. It may be decades of hard work for you, but for others it may easily mean nothing. You are what you have become, what your everyday life made from you. Wealth abides in you. You are rich, you can enjoy it, you will see its wonders, if you allow yourself to truly live.

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