Chemotherapy- introductory thoughts for survival

If destiny sentenced you to fight against your cancer, then you should be well-prepared in advance so that you do not act like me or many others do. When my first chemo was prescribed for me, I thought I would get answers to all my countless questions from my doctor, because, admit it, movies are here or there, you have no idea what’s really going to happen to you. This is not a matter of secrecy, it is about everyone experiencing it differently, but it will not be different only from one person to another, even from one treatment to another. One gets better, the other gets very bad. So, I summed here what experiences I gathered during my trials.

Eat smart!

Cancer is in a very good relationship with carbohydrates, and yes, you also need them to survive, but you’d better be comfortable with the idea that now is the time to reform your whole lifestyle. Forget the sugar, you don’t need it. When you see, or have already seen, the tumor cells on the PET CT are illuminated, it is caused by a contrast substance that is sugar and is adored by your cancer. So, if you don’t love your cancer, don’t give it to him. In this short paragraph, it is impossible to incorporate the knowledge you need, but it is important that you pay attention to yourself. Leave the processed foods and just about anything you don’t know about the ingredients. Of course, in your place, I would also consider whether I want to eat meat yet, because chemo will keep your uric acid in the sky, don’t add further projects to your body.

Drink water!

Forget sugary soft drinks and purify yourself with water, you know, a big percentage of your body is from that. When you realize how much poison is being irrigated into you, make it your goal to remove it from yourself, as much as you can. If anyone had said that to me at that time, I’d certainly bet, but they didn’t say anything. And I didn’t even want to think about it because I kept vomiting. I didn’t work on the input side at all. Keep the coke only for limescale in the bath and pour in the vitalizing water before, during and after the chemo. You will not be thirsty because they are saturated with a lot of medication infusions, though in a rather sick way. Don’t worry about it, be tough and drink water for yourself.

Water will not be your best buddy only because it hydrates you, but also because it cools. After the treatments, there may be a rise in heat and fever and basically this will cause your body to become heated. You must not continue to destroy it. The heat can come from your surroundings: no sauna, no thermal bathes, and set the tap at home only to slightly warm. Also avoid foods and spices that produce heat, such as ginger, cinnamon or chili.

Do sports!

I always had to do something between treatments. Was it advised? Oh no. I went to the gym. I was ridiculous, yes, but I didn’t care. I took the treadmill and struggled with the miles. Sometimes I ran outside, but there the ego didn’t let me go. I was slow as a rheumatic snail, though I should have seemed like a 22-year-old, vigorous woman. If not jogging, then I went swimming. Of course, there was a risk of infection, but I decided it wouldn’t be a problem. It worked. The pool water was disinfected not with chlorine but with active oxygen, which I was delighted with. I counted the lengths and got into a kind of meditative state. It was just the pleasantly cold water and me, and my thoughts were resting outside the dressing room. I really had time to put my problems on after relaxation.

The hair problem

Specifically, I did not completely lose all my hair, but it strongly and spectacularly thinned out. I cut it off and painted it. When, if not now? I had never painted before, but it didn’t matter then. After every wash, the tub was full of my shimmering sea of ​​hair. Was I worried? No. I was going to get a very rough wig for myself. You must let go of this too. It’s just hair, and you’re fighting for your life. Then, when you are better, you will get curly curls that even just a pro hairdresser can do. Be careful to avoid chemicals, so you should free your life from chemicals as much as you can. Wash your hair with a smooth herbal soap and you can even bathe with it. If you don’t have a shower gel, no shampoo, you’ll see you don’t need a lotion, but if you buy one, look for eco-green departments. Not depends on wealth, you can live a healthy life cheaply too. No washing powder, use washing soda for example. Think about it, get plenty of information, read them through carefully, and start tidying up nicely in this area. It’s good for your hair and your scalp to use herbal wraps, but be careful not to overheat your head, so reduce the use of hairdryers, hair straightener.

Pain Relief

I can’t tell you how much it will hurt you, since my first treatment I had a lot of pain in my arm and the pain was intense for a whole year after the last one. If I remember it a bit, it immediately comes to mind. I got everything, got used to it, I stopped. The next one came, it didn’t help, nothing helped, so if I can save you a ride, you won’t start experimenting with painkillers. I also got the rough stuff my doctor gave me from her secret kit, it didn’t work, even though I took it four times as much as recommended. I became stupid, dizzy, and the burning pain was there with me. Only the ancient method, the God-blessed hemp, recognized by more advanced societies, brought relief. Pharmaceutical companies also recognize it, but what if you were to produce some green for yourself, they would rather synthesize its active ingredients into medicine. Just to buy them, you know. Not only did it work by eliminating what the painkillers were unable to do, but it also brought appetite and cheer. I needed them so much. Yeah, and I didn’t become an addict.


As much as I vomited, I would not wish anyone. That way I got to the point where I was already sipping ice cream between two vomits. It was cold and sweet when it came outside. I was disgusted by the smells, the sunlight disturbed me terribly, it almost hurt. You can’t help it. My skin was drying all the time, my muscles were tearing down, and I was avoiding sex in the big arc. The system did not recover long after the treatments.
I could tell tremendously lot about these things, and you know what, I will. The only thing I followed was to pay attention to what was going well. Do not exaggerate anything or be irresponsible. And that’s just a part of you can do for yourself from the outside.

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