Phantom of my night

There’s something in the wind, something in the dark
Touching my aching soul strange feelings arrive
All of them are violent, all of them are bright
Pushing me towards an eternal fight

Dawn never comes on the new horizon
From million miles a lonely star shines on
Over silent peaks and forgotten hollows
The uninvited hauntingly follows

Not worth running away, cos I can’t hide
All the scattered answers are deep inside
Falls closer to me, but I can’t recognize
I stay surrounded by the healing light

The power of beauty is so surreal
Its presence is secret and I can’t deal
I’m too lost in; I’m punished to be blind
There’s no escape, but I really don’t mind
With a gentle breeze my fears arise
But it’s so precious,  calming and wise
Shame is melting, I’m captivated
All is silent, no words are wasted
While it is teasing all my senses
There’s no chance to build up fences
Enchanting tastes, smells, mystic sounds
Unknown emotions swirl and bound
Everything is weird and strange
Guides through an entire change
It is not me anymore
Hurts so much but I adore
Much desire and defence
In another existence
In another state of mind
With the phantom of my night

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