Where can you find peace?

Fear accompanies us through our lives; however, we don’t really know anything about it. What is fear? We’re just afraid of things that we suspect exist, things we’ve heard, things we’ve already imagined, which we’ve articulated, maybe sometime, quietly, in ourselves. The ones that scare us the most are the ones where we feel more likely to happen. We rarely stress about a volcanic eruption, if the closest volcano is thousands of miles away, and we are not worried about plane crashes if we never sit on it, but in Europe we are also not thinking about what a terribly dangerous place the Amazon is. We build fear, so we have to work to destroy it to make that fog a little more transparent. Man has been afraid of darkness, death, and everything he has no power over since ancient times. And on our overpopulated planet, diseases cause both distress and concern. It’s happened to so many people, why would I be missing out on?  But is there any point in carpet-bombing this wonderful life with the constant “what if?” agony? No, there isn’t. And you know what else we’re afraid of? That life goes away with us without even trying to enjoy it. Because it’s always going to be, but let’s face it, we only have this certain moment. Nothing else.

Everyone is looking for a path to happiness, even though happiness can’t be the end of the road, you create that happiness for yourself every single day when you truly live your present. When you realize to yourself that everything you had, and everything you were is in the past, and in fact your future is infinitely uncertain. You have no effect either forward or backward, because everything will always be different from what you imagined. You do the right thing if you just focus on the now, only looking for answers here. Even though you say I’ll be happy when, or then you’ll spend more time with your kids when. These are so empty, so insignificant time delays that take you further and further from where you want to go while you think about them with honest self-justification. Your life isn’t something that starts in three months or five years. Your life is now. Enjoy the sun that is warming your face, the movements of your body, your brilliant mind, your good thoughts now. Enjoy the silence now, laugh from your heart now, give him or her a hug now, and please listen to the one who is important for you now. If you’re not in your present, your happiness won’t find you. When you let yourself be present, you’ll feel that this is peace. The cause of happiness is that you find peace.

You let go of the desire to overcome others, you let the violence go from your actions, your words, and even your thoughts. You’re not going to change the world, but the change you want to see in the world starts in you. Then decide that no one will be able to tip the balance you’ve created. Because you already know that fear only builds walls around you, violence just takes you away from your true life. And you already know that if you look at your life differently, it’s going to suit you. Because the road you’re looking for is exactly what you’re on, and where you are right now is definitely where you need to be. You can’t hasten anything, you can’t rush forward, because it’s not a race, and the only way you win here is to let life happen, and you let come as many miracles in as you can.

Imagine yourself in a medieval dungeon chained to a cold wall. It can happen that you feel that way often in everyday life. You’re chained up because your job is going to grind you up because your boss is an animal, and he never takes you as a human being. Forgive him for that. It’s not personal, that’s what he’s doing. Trust me, even if you feel like he’s hurting you, he’s actually fighting like a hysterical three-year-old kid who needs a hug. If you look at him like that, maybe you’ll get over it more easily. You’re chained up because you feel like there’s so much responsibility, so many roles to play, and you can’t find yourself anymore. But it’s not you. It’s a challenging and never-ending task to take away from your pure present all the shrouds you’ve covered your pure, childlike light, but believe that it still shines there. You’re glowing. So, let yourself rip those chains off. You can hear them ringing on the floor. You’re free. You’re in charge of your decisions. Step out into the light. Isn’t that wonderful? It may hurt a little more at first, but freedom is yours. You don’t have to take your work problems home, you don’t have to dwell on other people’s lives, you don’t have to put on unnecessary roles, because you’re the one who really needs you. You and to always be present. You’re your best friend. Your mind and body serve you. Treat them so that they love you too. Because you already know that love is the answer to every question.

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