Your body’s praise

You always turn with expectations to the only body in which you have to live this life. It is your loyal servant, yes, but perhaps it really deserves to pay attention to it sometimes. Even if you don’t consciously defend it all day at first, you should really get used to it over time because it’s gonna be grateful for it, and ultimately that would be in your best interest. Do not destroy with intent, it can get revenge. Now you still think you’re hiding a little stress here and there, unresolved conflicts, vengeance, anger, fear, pain gather, and when they revolt, you won’t even understand how you could have gotten into a situation like this. And you do it for yourself from the outside as well as from the inside. Live the harmony, after all, you are one.

It had been many years since I had to face the destruction of my body while I fought my torturous battle with Mr. Hodgkin, but it cannot be forgotten that it did what it could do for me. On a hot summer evening, I thought it was really time to thank my body for all the good things it had done for me. I couldn’t really fall asleep, so I was just lying comfortably on my back, then I had no idea how to meditate, only the need arose in me that it would be necessary. I closed my eyes, surrounded by complete darkness. At first, I was tense and excited, as if others were watching, because I didn’t even remember if I was ever prepared to talk openly and honestly with myself. Specifically, I was determined to do thank everyone from my toes to my top.

I felt very stupid! But only until the feelings started to come and with my thoughts became a magical flow. I was grateful to have been able to be born at all, and the pains I had experienced since I was a child was slowly coming up to the surface of my consciousness. I thanked my toes for a lot of good service and we also discussed that I wasn’t angry that one of them broke and never recovered normally because it’s still beautiful. That bunion, well, can’t be ugly once I’ve inherited it from my dad. And who am I to judge it. I am given to have toes to take me on my journey. I also thanked for having things I see beautiful and assured all my other cells of my love. I also told my shar pei-like belly that I wasn’t ashamed of myself for it, in fact. I’m very proud to have provided a home for three wonderful little lives and grew so big and then lost so much for me, so it couldn’t look any different.

I thanked my liver for its uninterrupted work, for the abundance of decomposed toxins it freed me from. And the more parts I started talking to, the more things came to my mind and just took me farther and deeper. I was no longer in control of the chat, it just came, but with such force, from places I had never been before that I could almost only watch the events from the outside. Sometimes it moved me so much that I was in tears, but I didn’t want to regulate anything, I let it happen. I assured my breast of immeasurable love because that bore beauty in my youth and then nourished my children unwaveringly for over four years. I am not ashamed that they look like as they look like now, because there is a life behind them that I should only be proud of. I thanked all the scars, sutures that healed with me so quickly and many times without any trace.

I thanked my heart for the strength, my shoulders for carrying the burdens, my lungs for the clean air, my nose for the fabulous scents, my tongue for the flavors, my eyes for a lot beauty. And not only did I take the time to give them love and gratitude, but in the meantime, I forgave myself for many of the deeds I did against my body. As I became aware of how much this body had already given me, how helpful it was to work with me, I felt more and more responsible. My forehead was braced with several staples after my car accident, and most of the time people don’t even notice the scar. My body did that for me, too. And every day, every minute it works for me. And why shouldn’t I be grateful?

Your body is not you, since you are not just a matter, you are not just a form, so don’t let the boundaries blur. Just don’t poison what you got. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you too, it’s that simple. Bring it to life with love and see that it shines most beautifully when a pure soul and mind abide in it. Because your body never shines from the outside, your appearance is hanky-panky. What resides in it is the light of true beauty. That’s the real magic.

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