Create silence

Pick up the rhythm, wake up early, no time to be lazy. Push the coffee in, preferably already get dressed, between two bites of food, but if you don’t have breakfast, that’s okay too, it’s out of fashion these days. The energy drink may come with a cigarette, it will be good in the car too, just don’t be late, because there is a rush, you can’t stop. The job is spinning, you haven’t eaten just anger and anxiety yet, but there’s a lot of it, and look what she does, look what he did, oh holy God, why do you need it all the time, you need another coffee instead, you can’t stand it. You also have something quick for lunch, while hanging on the phone, because you are late, you never catch yourself, and where the evening is, you should stand up til night. Work’s just over, running to the post office, shop, special class, training, because you shouldn’t stop, you don’t have time to stop, you should cook, no matter how you will, order something, it will be good. Right now, it’s midnight, what’s going on? You can’t fall asleep, you eat what you have cooked all day, you can’t turn it off, your head is full of your yesterday, tomorrow, but when are you at all where you should be?

If for some reason you take a few minutes to slow down today, let it be now. In the spring, nature awakens with great force and pours on us its infinite beauty, its enchanting scent. Why can it do that? Because the whole nature rested in the winter. He allowed itself to be recharged so that it could later focus all its energy on rebirth. Why do you miss winter out of your life? Why do you think summer can be fertile all the time? Life is a circle, and not only the change of seasons, the hours of your day, your little life is a part of it. If you are awake, you also need to sleep. Everything you have learned during the day, all the information that has come to you, will then be built into your consciousness when you let yourself rest. You know, like babies. Then we somehow still instinctively know that we need to sleep against too many stimuli. Then we still know we have to turn it off. By a lot of restful sleep, we will also become more mature, smarter and stronger. Yes, because muscles also need rest. Without it, you can’t do anything with your workout, the quantity is often quite at a disadvantage to the quality in today’s rush. Your body also needs to recharge because otherwise it will turn against you. You will also digest properly if you leave time and peace for the process. Not rapidly snack something because it is completely anti-life. You see, when you were a baby, you fell asleep nicely after eating because you told your body to keep calm, now I want to digest. But somehow with growing up, we believe that by then we can commit all sorts of torturous sins against ourselves. In fact, we can do it, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s revenge for not loving your body and not paying attention to it anyway. And ah, don’t look for excuses because there’s always one of them. Don’t list to yourself why you have to live like this but see why you don’t really change your lifestyle. Why don’t you nourish your body? Why don’t you give it quality food? Why don’t you get enough sleep? Don’t you feel like you’re at war with yourself completely?

Once you’ve noticed your body, also notice how much rubbish you’re burdening your thoughts with. You’re constantly working on your to-do list, supplementing it with all the rumors, workplace problems, and if that’s not enough, you’re also accepting the filth sweeping from social media, even if you’re not a charity. You get horrified at starving kids, pull yourself up in politics, listen and read all sorts of amazing horrors from the world, and you start to dread, to be anxious, and maybe you don’t even see it all as a consequence of it. You’re full of negative energy, and that can’t even be voiced enough, you’re a little tired of hearing it, but they’re there in you and they’re quietly destroying yourself because you don’t take the time to delete the junk files. Delete every night, but even from the trash!

Imagine a morning when everything was going to happen differently, just because you want it differently. The change begins in your head. You’ll wake up sleepy this morning too, but you give yourself five minutes until you get to your present. In these five minutes, you are not rushing yet, but collecting energy. You don’t have to start with a cardio workout, of course. Stretch a little or just sit down cross-legged, do a few head circles, just what’s okay. Even then, decide to become a little more aware, a little more grateful for being blessed each day. Welcome the day, give thanks for the new beginning. Then have breakfast. If you just try a muesli, it’s excellent. If you’ve never eaten breakfast before, just a few bites. Slide the coffee a little later because your body should wake up first. If you drink after waking up, you will only speed up the process that would take place anyway. Wait an hour or even an hour and a half and add a hint of silence to your coffee or tea as well. You see, so you really get extra charge in return. Feed your body with quality food, even if it’s more difficult, even if you’re not Nigela, you will get used to it, and if you understand the quality, from there you won’t even want to go back, you’re going to demand that you live well. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Do the change with small steps.

Move, breathe, soak up the sunlight, even if it’s just a walking, biking to your workplace, or while you’re in a hurry to the kindergarten for the kids. Let the beauty close to you and be grateful for everything you have. Be grateful for what you got, who you are. Enjoy the music, the flavors, the scents, the hug, the breeze on your face, the beauty in the world because they are all there for you, the only question is whether you want to pay attention to them. Give yourself the silence, it’s completely free.

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