This is why you can’t lose weight

The warming rays of the sun are finally shining on us, and for the first time, it is already sparkling in front of us the fantasy of posing on the beach in our best form with zero fat and perfect tanning. So it’s high time you started torturing your little body since it’s just a few weeks and bikini time is coming. But Jesus, don’t you feel like most of us aren’t Victoria’s Secret models, do you? I understand that there is a lot of pressure because you should have the top beach body. But really now, in two weeks, do you want to complete the almost impossible mission? Forget the videos, commercials, posters, and don’t want to be compared to a twenty-year-old silicone barbie. You want to be yourself instead and make the best of yourself from what you have. That shining will make you really beautiful that you love the body you live in. You don’t have to be perfect, just be loved.

Give me some time!

If, after all, you have decided it is time for a change, think about it very carefully first. Despite appearances, it doesn’t go overnight. That’s why you don’t believe in all kinds of wonders, powders, you won’t lose the wished amount of pounds in two weeks, and most of all don’t want to. Think about how long it took you to pick up those extra pounds nicely. Wasn’t that two weeks? Well, then, don’t want to lose weight in an unrealistically short time. For that to happen healthy, you really have to be patient. If you don’t, you won’t even lose weight while blaming even makes you a good deal of guilt. When you jump into this body reform, let the goal float in front of you, and don’t worry about how long it will take you to get there, and calm down nicely once you’ve gotten there, you can’t start all over again. Losing weight is not just about stop eating and snacking in front of the TV for a while now, but about changing, out of honest conviction. As long as this feeling is not inside, the yo-yo will certainly remain.


No matter how tempting the offerings are that promise you a pic-pack supermodel body, you can be sure they won’t work. No machine, massage, pill will suck fat off you because it just doesn’t work that way. Yet an entire industry was built on it because women could be seen stupid based on their vanity. And it works, you see. Don’t believe them! Be the one who knows that without moving your body you cannot be healthy because that is not how it is invented. And sports can be anything. It is very important that you choose something that will make you happy. Why? Because you will have less chance of disappointment and ultimately the chance of giving up. Aerobic girls look good and those jog there in the park, but unfortunately none of them can be right for you. Try as many forms of movement as possible, but initially a little perfectly safe walk will do if you have been very neglected. Look at what pilates, yoga or dancing gives you, and you don’t even have to be a millionaire to do it. Your friend, youtube is full of complete workouts in all genres. You don’t even have to get your feet out of the house. At first, bet that you will spend half an hour three times a week. Try a belly dance, it’s very fun and doesn’t strain your joints, take care of them because you’ll need them later. If you’re already immersed, still make sure you don’t train more than six times a week, your muscles need to relax. And stretch, always have time to stretch!

Try to schedule your workout in the morning, but I know it can be very problematic. You won’t be wrong either if it stay for the evening, but then don’t spin yourself up too much because you won’t be able to sleep. Always push the boundaries a little bit to move forward, but don’t be discouraged by your slow results. The change will not be seen next week, and even barely a month from now. It is forbidden to stand on the scales for the first month. Here most of the women usually give up and say it makes no sense, even though they are just about to cross the border. Give your body time to feel what you are doing with it. And then those pounds will melt. This is the most critical period, the first three or four weeks. If you do this all the way through and create a routine that you can stick to, the result won’t be missed either.

Don’t look for excuses!

The easiest way is to explain to yourself that this isn’t going to work for you anyway. You know what? If you take it that way, it really doesn’t. Don’t be weak, let the target hover in front of your eyes. It’s absolutely easy to explain to yourself why you don’t do that, yes, you’re very tired today, and then tomorrow, well, after a day like this, you can just eat. But you are not so weak, you want to achieve something. And don’t explain to yourself why you don’t do your thing, but list three reasons why you do it. Don’t explain why you need that cookie, but why you don’t. See, it will motivate you! You are your only friend and only your enemy at this party.

Then I can’t eat now anything?!

But, this is the biggest mistake about dieting. If you don’t eat, you store the little you give your body to eat so you can barely take it away from it. The formula is so simple: if you feed your body, you provide it with quality nutrients, you waste it because you know you don’t have to put it away for times of need because you get it anyway. If you afflict it, it will put it for later. Eat! Eat five times, but be smart. You’ve heard it a thousand times, haven’t you? Well, then it’s time to get used to it! Have breakfast thoroughly, generously. Towards evening, lose volume. I’m not saying anything new, why don’t you eat like that then? Drink water before each meal. Many times the body is not even hungry but thirsty. This is a very common problem especially for women, we are not willing to drink enough water. Force it and then get used to it. Sleep is also incredibly important. When the body is tired and doesn’t get enough sleep, it asks for food to get energy from somewhere. Sleep well and you will be less hungry. And what you eat, right, is also the eternal big question. It’s easier to tell what not to. For example, I would leave the sugar in your place. If you feel like you’re not at home on this topic, read on, read on, and read even more, because you’ll find the authentic opposite of everything at all. I think it is highly enough to consider not eating anymore in the evening, allowing your body time to rest. It would be good for you to form a picture of how the human body works, what the nutrients you take in, because they can help a lot in feeding your body wisely. But don’t do it in the beginning, it would be too much. Over time, you’ll be curious about it anyway because you’ll feel it, see the change. Focus on not eating anything unnecessary. Forget sweets, snacks and added-sugar things too. That fruit yogurt seem healthy, but it is not, it is filled with sugar too. Eat it in a natural way with real fruit. Most foods are stuffed with sugar, so avoid them. There should be plenty of raw vegetables and fruits on your menu, but from banana just one a day. Drink a smoothie, you can replace a meal with it. I could tell you a lot more about that, but let me just say these basic things at the start. Don’t stuff the sausage with bacon, you won’t need it now. But never forget that fat is an essential part of your body and it doesn’t work properly without it.

Calorie misery

All right, you’ve seen others doing it. Okay, ask yourself, before you start counting calories, do you know what you’re actually doing? Funny, but I’ve seen someone calculate on a diet that she can lose weight by eating about 1400 calories a day. She was done with bacon eggs and sugar-stuffed soft drinks, and it was only 10 a.m. What’s up then? Well, to do it this way, in this form is directly forbidden. Count calories if you know how much and what kind of carbs, protein, etc. you need. The focus should still be on quality. You won’t lose weight if you fill yourself with carbs and don’t pay attention to your other needs. But don’t fall on the other side of the horse either, the body needs carbs, it is not the enemy. It just really matters what and when and how much. Counting can also be good if it is part of an always conscious and planned program.

Get started!

To get started, however, you don’t need to get any other equipment, just your will. It’s not complicated at all, and by the time half a year goes by, you’re going to see what this health-conscious life is all about. Exercise, nutrition, over time will not be a compulsion, burden, but a way of life. And then you won’t be afraid that the pounds you beat will come back, because you’ll know they won’t come. After all, you have become a whole new person in a whole, happy body. But at first you should know, moreover, you have to know that you are absolutely perfect. Love is the best cure for everything. Love your body, love yourself. You are beautiful.

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