Humility- the real deficit item

We break, we destroy, we move forward without looking at who and what we trampled on, we pushed aside just to seemingly move forward. No man, no god, it’s just me, you know?! That’s what you have to do, so others do it too. If you don’t oppress them, they will oppress you. There is no respect, no acceptance, no love, there is only ego, I just need the better, the more, all that I will never achieve anyway, and sometimes I will look back anxiously at why salvation has not yet come, why it still didn’t get any better when I had already marched forward so much. Nothing good will happen on this path either, because in today’s world, humility is an increasingly endangered virtue, we need to be almost afraid of extinction. Do against it!

This is how we see everyday life; everyone lives closed in themselves, looking only at their own interests, the ego guides them by their noses without fully realizing how soulless they become and how drifting away from understanding what their existence really is. So, we go by the car, you know, you saw it, and also what the result is. I can only be the king on the road because my car is a lot faster and I’m a lot smarter and it even write or read three posts on facebook because I’ll still notice everything, you know? If you’ve made a tiny little snack of tracking distance, I’ll cut in right there in front of you, because I can do that too. Do you meet this? It may take hundreds of times a day. And you just don’t understand what could be wrong with these heads. We also recognize this pattern in our relationships. There is no respect, no honest turn to the other. If you support the other, you’re just a henpeck, if you even have feelings, you are mostly a dodderer. Many times it is mixed up in the minds, for humility is not the same as humiliation, indulgence, you will not become jerky, weak, or subordinate from it. By this we do not mean submission. This virtue is not about acknowledging yourself as less, but about how you think about the world. Thus, its lack is a clear indicator that you do not respect yourself either, but how can we raise our human relationships to a higher and more worthy level if we do not know this trait from the news neither. It shows how we feel about everything that surrounds us.

If I respect the other, I accept that he is also human, with human qualities, mistakes, then we are already one step closer to each otehr. Instead, however, we see around us that we are living in the world like wild and enraged animals. On the street, people push each other indifferently, crowd on the bus, don’t pay attention to each other, many times they actually trample on their peers no matter what age they are, how old they are, even a child or a pregnant woman; it is her trouble because I have to go and no one, absolutely no one can stop me. And no, oh no, we don’t apologize for anything! We should admit that we can make mistakes, so who can’t find out such nonsense! We don’t apologize because we can’t make mistakes, right? This corner of humility is also perfectly disappearing. We don’t admit if we were wrong because we think we would be less by it, even though the exact opposite of it is the truth. But how the hell am I going to crush the other one well if I apologize? Let’s not even talk about when we’re going to lend a helping hand to each other. In our insensitive, but sensation-hunter living we look smoothly through any tragedy impassively. I don’t care if someone collapses on the street, if they just hurt a child, we don’t get involved, ah, it’s not our business. Or there’s the other extreme: we’re posting on Facebook to see how big hero we are already because we’ve stopped to help. You see, between the two, you know, it would be better to go right in the golden middle, where we just help, we just forgive, we just apologize, we just admit anything, quietly, just because we know it’s right. It belongs to nothing but us.

Humility is not intimidation, nor should we believe that it is exalted only by Christians because it is not so. It would be worthwhile for all of us to play with the idea that we sprinkle a hint more into the soup of our everyday lives, and let’s say we start saving out anger, violence, will from it. Let’s just stop ourselves calmly, let’s say to the ego that you can’t control us, because that awareness will take you forward when you do act differently than everyone else on the street around you. Grab that old aunt’s basket and don’t run away with it but help her. Ask the mom who is just struggling for a stroller on the bus if you can help. Ask your fellow man on the ground what happened to him, because maybe his life is up to you. And if he is drunk, what’s up? Let him freeze in the snow? Kill everyone, it is not your business. But you can do that too, and you won’t understand why your fellow human beings are passing by with such indifference that you haven’t noticed so far. Feel free to throw that vanity aside, because you are just such a human, and I even say rougher, you have mistakes. And yet you and he and I are all here, trying to prosper, but without humility none of us will get ahead.

Nor should we be deceived by this precious treasure. If you practice humility towards yourself, it will go smoothly with others as well. That’s not what we have time for, is it? Well no. That’s why I write this: practice. Every day. Admit it when you’re sick and stop. If you need to rest, relax, if you have to forgive yourself, do it. Respect your own life and be very grateful for it. For everything.

Let us put respect into our lives, let us accept it. That doesn’t mean you have to give up, no, you don’t. This will make you more complete. You don’t do it because you’re expecting a reward, just because you know it’s right. Do they take advantage of you? Sure, it may be, but it won’t annoy you either, because you’ve set an example, and that’s how you’ll do it next time, because that’s right. It’s also a weird spell that only exists inward, so ego doesn’t like it because it wants everything outward. But the good news is that you decide. Let that violence go, let go of your anger, and it will be much easier for you too. Connect with the creative energy or call it god, whatever you believe exists above you, around you, and bow your head. It’s not a shame. It lifts you up and you don’t want to go down, never again.

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