Revolution of the onion

Poor onion, how exiled, though we all know it’s a good friend. Yet it lives there on the periphery of vegetables, unfairly neglected, ashamed, and does not understand why, once it is such a faithful servant to mankind, it cannot receive greater esteem. They ask you step by step if you want onions in your food and you want to say yes because you love it, you want, you know how good it would be together again, but you deny your feelings, your inner reality, your justice, and with a socially expected. horrified indifference you reject it, even reject the assumption that you have ever eaten onions.

One night there were seductively fresh spring onions lined up on the kitchen counter, and I felt an irresistible urge to eat them right away. It was wonderful. Tender, crisp. So, I wondered why I couldn’t eat whenever I wanted. Because that’s it! Don’t eat onions in the morning because you’re going to work, and especially don’t eat there, because what it’s like to endure the contempt of others for it. You get home, the afternoon programs are coming, oops, you’ve already had dinner, and you still haven’t been able to squeeze a little space in your life for onions. How many types are there! There are the new ones, the reds, the lilacs, the whites, the garlic, the leeks and the shallots, and it’s certainly not the end of the line, but my saliva is already dripping and my taste buds cry for onions. Yet you can’t just eat onion cheeky, because then you’ll be stinky, it actually smells perfectly onion, and then everyone will know what a sinful soul resides in you.

But just look at this beautiful creation! It is growing for us. We know what beneficial effects it has on our health, the number of variations in their use is almost endless. It’s there when there’s a problem, but it’s also great for prevention. Yet we refuse because it stinks. You know it would help, and it already hurts a lot, yet you don’t eat because what others will say. You only dare to reach for it with a trembling hand when the trouble is very great and no one dares to come near you anyway. Well, that’s what really made me think. That’s how we humans are. We have a fantastic plant that offers itself in more tempting than tempting forms and grows so easily, so well stored and can be preserved, freshly are irresistible too. Let’s face it, it’s the basic element of the kitchen. You start cooking with onions; try without it, the result will be very strange. Our grandmothers used it wisely, they already believed in it. Secretly even us, because it is there in every household, we just don’t tell it, others should not know. We love that it can protect our bodies, heal them, and see, it’s not enough because it stinks. And that’s it. You see. Like a secret lover. And I’m saying it’s time to tear this down and speak up for the onions at last! The strength is with us, eat onion! And do you know what’s great about this? If you ate, he and I ate, we wouldn’t even notice each other! Let’s give more love to that onion because it still serves us modestly, from the background.

And then you understand what the problem is with this, what’s wrong with me starting to advocate for onions. We do the same with our fellow human beings. We don’t take on our feelings because we are afraid of what others will say. We are afraid of the opinions of people to whom we do not really count, and yet we afflict ourselves, we deceive our own souls, only to portray ourselves in a better color. But in the eye of who? Smashed and failed dreams of almost friends and almost loves lie around us because we did not dare to accept the truth. And already in kindergarten, in the first stage of socialization, the little ones carry this learned scheme. They will only play with someone who is cool, only whose parents have bought everything (because then they don’t think much of why this happened) and the insatiable misery of hypocrisy, appearances, consumer society slowly flow into their lives. Whoever sticks out of the seemingly perfect line for whatever reason, he or she will be stigmatized.

It goes on like this in school as well. You know, a real American teen cliché, that a cuty sexy girl has a hide-and-seek, say chubby girlfriend, whom she loves anyway because she always understands and stands by her side, but she still can’t go with her  to the superman guys’ house party. But let’s not even go to a completely different continent, because even at home, if it’s your clothes, your phone, whatever, are not the expected, you will be socially killed. There will be friends of the onions, but in front of the cool, fragrant-mouthed, they may easily be denied. It comes to them, the shame. And they shouldn’t be ashamed. Behold, we won’t be wiser as adults either, because if someone is a little different, no matter what, they can become onions. Even if they know that he is a wonderful man anyway, he has gold at heart, a true friend, a smart and good company, they will even let him down and for some reason he has to live his life as an exile.

No one should be left alone. It’s good to teach our children early on that we don’t judge each other because we’re all different, we come from different cultures and families, and that they’ll never be able to satisfy everyone, and we don’t have to. For some reason this world came here, and we allowed it. There are much more outward than inward. There is much more noise than silence. There is more destruction than construction. When we want change, let’s move on. You cannot change the world? Oh, you are the only one who can change it. It will only change from your attitude. At first you just around you, inside you, then you are setting an example for others. Wake up tomorrow by putting more acceptance and gratitude into your day and lying down the same way. This is your revolution, you can’t fail. Don’t deny the onion!

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